sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Biodiversity Foundation

La Fundación Biodiversidad (Biodiversity Foundation) is an environmental nongovernmental organization (NGO) emerging in Cali, Colombia, alongside the deliberations of the National Constituent Assembly in January 1991. Personnel are composed of an interdisciplinary team of professionals working different components of the urban environment with an emphasis on environmental law. Legal Status 0136, 1993 of the Government of Valle de Cauca, registered in the Ministry of the Environment and included in the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle de Cauca (CVC) List of Environmental NGOs (1999). Nonprofit organization with registration at the Chamber of Commerce of Cali. Member of the Board of CVC on behalf of NGOs.
La Fundación Biodiversidad acts as a forum of information through workshops and discussions, as well as written publications of essays, investigations and newsletters. Furthermore, they participate in consultancy, environmental performance activities and training. The foundation has carried out various public and civil actions; against air pollution and illegal mining, campaigning to seal Cali’s landfill site for environmental health reasons, the creation of wetlands and interventions concerning municipal organization for environmental management. Currently they are working against agro-industrial pollution from mono-cultivation of sugar cane surrounding Cali, including large scale burning and aerial fumigation with Glyphosate.